Property Investment for Your Retirement

Euro Empower provides inflation proof income producing assets for you and your family. Euro Empower London ltd can help you build a small property portfolio to provide you with monthly income during your retirement.

As we all know standard pension plans do not work because you have no control over the choice of investments your money is invested in
Pension fund managers have always favoured corporate equity shares however if the share price falls so does the dividend paid out which means you have no certainty about monthly income.
Also share prices have always been highly volatile but in recent years they have consistently failed to meet even the rise in inflation.
As people live longer the pension fund must stretch even further.
The current pension crisis has left people confused and many in severe financial difficulties. The predictions for the future see this situation worsening. The Channel 4 programme “Dispatches” reported that Britain’s pension systems face a frightening future. By 2029, the report predicted one in every three people in the UK will be a pensioner and there will be a substantial shortfall of pension assets to meet their pension needs.

A fully managed turn key property portfolio

With our expert help you can take control of both your own and your family’s future.

Euro Empower provides you with a turnkey product which is fully managed for you

Similar in a way to a standard pension fund BUT with three major and very important differences:

  1. You and your family will own all the assets in your “pension pool” in the most tax efficient manner suitable to your individual needs. So, your pension pool cannot be diluted by other people’s claims to the same pot of money.
  2. You will have the ultimate control over what to buy, what to sell and when.
  3. These assets will be passed down through generations of family members and the benefit of the assets do not cease when you die.

To recap with a Euro Empower managed portfolio

  • You own the assets
  • You have ultimate control
  • And your family can retain the assets after you die.
Financial Guidance
Portfolio Growth

Euro Empower provide ready tenanted fully managed residential property for you to purchase and hold for your retirement.

The question many people ask is
“Why should I invest my money in property when everyone says there is a property slump?”

Firstly the “property slump” is commonly monitored by the capital value of the property and the fact that in recent years property values appear to have fallen from an all-time high.

Historic property prices from various reputable sources such as both the Nationwide Building Society and the Halifax Bank show that property over the long term has always risen at a rate higher than the rate of inflation.
This is even though, between 1989 and 1993, during a recession period in the UK the average house price dropped in value by 20%

But over the period from 1975 to 2007, after accounting for inflation at 7% per annum the average house price increased by a further 164% on top of the rate of inflation.

Which means that a dip in house prices does not affect the long term viability of property investment.

Rental Income = Retirement Income

Most people overlook the income producing nature of houses. Currently the residential rental market is at its most buoyant ever and all the social indicators suggest that we are moving away from a nation of home owners to a nation of renters.

A recent report by Savills suggests that the average age of the unassisted first time house buyer is now 37 years old and even for those with help from a relative it is over 30.

We also now have a much bigger proportion of people living on their own which considerably adds to the number of renters.

Current figures suggest that one out of every five households in England is part of the private rented sector.

Euro Empower gives YOU the opportunity to purchase a Turnkey product giving you both income and the opportunity for capital appreciation.

The rent provides you with an Inflation proof income.

When capital values are down the rental market is normally stronger. So hold onto the property and receive the benefit of the monthly income.

Even when the capital value is rising you can still receive a steady rental income but you can also sell the property to liquidate some cash or keep the property and continue to receive the monthly income.

It’s no wonder there is the saying;

“As safe as houses”

The amount of rent is not directly linked to the capital value of the property so even if the property value goes down you will still receive an inflation proof rental income so long as the property is kept in good repair.

Why should you use Euro Empower?

In a nutshell because of our Specialist Knowledge and experience.

The founders of the company have decades of experience in every aspect of property from construction to purchase to tenant management.

Euro Empower has the benefit of several vastly experienced individuals which includes a substantial property owner whose current business interests include a property construction business which has completed numerous commercial and residential projects both in the UK and abroad and who fully appreciates the income producing capacity of rental properties in the UK and overseas.

One of the other founders has been involved in all aspects of the property business from purchasing rental properties to managing them, maintaining them and dealing with tenanting the properties. Building up a property portfolio of her own of almost 200 residential rental properties based in the UK and abroad. She self managed all aspects of those properties herself including marketing, maintenance legal and inventory issues together with a small dedicated staff.

Other consultants within Euro Empower are fully trained and experienced in legal conveyancing and accountancy.

Portfolio Growth

Euro Empower firmly believes that one of the safest investments in these turbulent times is income producing property and Euro Empower can offer a turnkey product to those people who do not have sufficient specialist knowledge to build and manage their own property portfolio.

This experience means that you are assured of

  • A quality property
  • In a rental hot spot
  • With a good quality tenant
  • All fully managed on your behalf.

Euro Empower can help you to take financial control of your own future for the benefit of both yourself and your family through the acquisition of income producing properties.