UK Property Investing and Portfolio Planning

There are many benefits to investing in property. Property can provide two different sources of funds, entirely independent of each other. This applies to both commercial property and residential property.

At Euro Empower London Ltd, we can assist you with whichever type of property investing you are interested in.

Our dedicated and experienced team of consultants has a wide and varied background in property investing, and we can help you make smart decisions as you plan your portfolio. We will help you understand the risks and benefits involved in each transaction and guide you every step of the way, from start to finish. When you work with our property investing consultants, we will take into consideration both capital value and income producing value. Not only are our consultants helpful and highly educated, but we have tried and true process in place that will make your UK property investing endeavor into a success.

Property Rental Package

At Euro Empower London Ltd, we offer a package that is well suited to both experienced and inexperienced property investors. We have spoken with too many investors who have purchased a property first and then tried to tenant it later. This is a costly mistake, which our consultants will help you to avoid. Our Property Rental Package is designed for the benefit of our investors, and it includes:

  • Sourcing ready tenanted properties in good rental hotspots
  • Ensuring that the property you buy is suitable for rental purposes (not all properties are)
  • Discussing with you the benefits of buying houses versus apartments
  • Introducing to you a regulated tax expert for tax planning purposes
  • Introducing you to a regulated mortgage adviser who can source the best finance deal for you
  • Introducing you to an experienced property solicitor
  • Managing the tenant and the property for you so that you can relax and enjoy your free time

In every aspect of the Property Rental Package, we have your best interests in mind. Rest assured that Euro Empower London Ltd will guide you through your portfolio planning and assist you whenever you’re needing help.

Rental Property