Foreign Exchange & Currency Transfer Swaps

Euro Empower London Ltd is affiliated with several fully licensed and regulated London based Foreign Exchange Specialists who are able to offer excellent currency exchange services, particularly for larger amounts and lesser known currencies.

Our affiliate partners offer a speedy service and a much better rate than the major retail banks or bureau exchange.

Though currency exchanges have gained a reputation for being a hassle, rest assured that we will make it simple for you. Contact us and let us know what foreign currency you require, and we will work to get you the very best rates available at the time. For your convenience, we can provide a no obligation quote for most currency exchanges. Our consultants take pride in exceptional customer service, and we will ensure your foreign exchange needs are taken care of.

Currency Transfer Swaps

When are currency transfer swaps necessary? In some countries, currency exchange is restricted by internal government regulations, which prevent that country's currency from leaving the country. This makes standard foreign currency exchange redundant and impossible to carry out.

However, home-based importers and other home-based companies often require foreign exchange to purchase raw materials and other necessary supplies and equipment. They are often willing to swap their local currency for the required foreign currency. Normally, this takes place with large international companies who are engaged in major enterprises within the country where the swap is to take place.


Foreign Exchange

In all cases Central Bank Approval is required, together with a willing International partner. Euro Empower London Ltd is able to facilitate introductions in some restricted countries. When you work with us, you have the distinct advantage of a number of experienced partnerships who are able and willing to obtain even difficult foreign currency exchanges.